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Sato Gobo

Cut Burdocks Pickled in Bonito Broth (for professional use)

Carefully selected burdock roots are washed, lightly peeled and cut by hand to the same length.
Pickled in mild bonito broth seasoned with soy sauce.
Fermented for about a month before packaging. Food coloring is not used to keep the gobo’s natural color.


Product No. 1000001
NameSato Gobo (for professional use)
IngredientsBurdock root (gobo), pickling liquid (sugar, glucose sugar, soy sauce, fermented seasoning, bonito flavoring agent, salt, red pepper), seasoning (amino acid, etc.) , antioxidant (vitamin C), preservatives (potassium sorbate)
Net Weight1 kg
Cut Length8 cm / 12 cm
Ingredient OriginJapan
Allergenswheat, soy, mackerel
Best-before Period180 days
U.S.FDA FCE Registration25140
U.S.FDA Process Filing20150401001
FDA Food Facility Registration No. 19516563004
DUNS No.693465143
Container DescriptionFlexible Pouch
Container DimensionsL: 909 W: 807 H: 100