About Obaneya

Over Thirty Years of Exprience in Producing Tasty Pickles

Yujiro Nozawa   President

Since its establishment in 1987, Obaneya has pursued supplying quality Japanese pickle products. Started with Japanese shallot pickles, today we make over fifty kinds of pickle products including the ever-popular gobo (burdock root) pickles.


Our Principles

Brand establishment cannot be done in a day.
It becomes possible only after building trustworthy relationships with customers.
Trustworthy business relationships cannot be built in a day. It takes years of pursuing high quality and continuously providing products that can satisfy customers’ needs.

Today’s Obaneya brand is the outcome of trust and reputation we have earned from our customers over time,and we are committed to maintain them both now and in the future.



NameObaneya Co.,Ltd.
EstablishedFebruary 1987
PresidentYujiro Nozawa
Business LineManufacturing and selling Japanese pickle products
Head Office1747-1 Hitotonoya, Oyama City, Tochigi Pref., Japan
Phone+81-285-28-6878 (Japanese only)
FactoriesHitotonoya Factory (U.S. FDA Registered: No.19516563004)
Omoigawa Factory