Introducing Japanese Traditional Gobo and Rakkyo Pickles


Tasty & Crunchy Pickles Made by Obaneya

Since its establishment in 1987, Obaneya has pursued supplying quality Japanese pickle products. Started with Japanese shallot pickles, today we make over fifty kinds of pickle products including the ever-popular gobo (burdock root) pickles.

Rakkyo – Japanese Shallot Gobo – Burdock Root




Located in the city of Oyama, Tochigi Pref. , we produce most of our pickles with fresh vegetables grown and delivered to our factory by local farmers. Other ingredients are also carefully selected and processed to bring out the best flavor possible.


Sato Gobo
Cut Burdocks Pickled in Bonito Broth
Wakadori Sato Gobo
Cut Burdocks Pickled in Bonito Broth
Okazu Yasai
Mixed Vegetables Pickled in Soy Sauce
Tamari Rakkyo
Japanese Shallot Pickled in Soy Sauce
Assari Ume Gobo
Cut Burdocks Pickled in Plum Sauce
Okawari Gobo
Cut Burdocks Pickled in Bonito Broth